Developing interesting, engaging, and educationally valuable school projects is critical to improving student outcomes.  But to do this, it takes a huge amount of time and effort.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you the launch of Biteslide’s Project Kits – inspirational digital school projects covering topics across the curriculum. And the best thing – you can get started in the click of a button!

The project kits have been carefully designed with the help of Biteslide’s resident education expert, James Clements, and include a detailed guide about how each project meets the requirements of the US Core Standards and the UK National Curriculum.

Every project helps you teach the key 21st Century skills that your students need for their personal development: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and digital citizenship.

Each Biteslide project kit includes:

  • A beautifully designed slidebook to introduce the project to your students
  • A project summary
  • A starter activity
  • Main activities
  • Assessment criteria
  • Project extension ideas

We are launching with three exclusive project kits:

This is just the start, we’ll be adding new kits regularly so keep an eye out.

If you’ve got any feedback about the project kits or ideas for ones you’d like to see please get in touch – we would love to hear from you!

Click here to head over to the all new Project Kits

Schools are full of paper. If you are a teacher, you are well aware of the amount of time that can be spent standing in front of the copy machine. It can seem endless. Between practice sheets and secondary resources, it is easy for student work to get lost in the hand-to-hand shuffle.

While programs like Biteslide might not turn your classroom into a “paper free zone”, they can offer exciting new opportunities for students to showcase portfolios and archive their work. The best news is that Biteslide can be used across many different classes and curriculum areas making it easy for students to share their work with other students, teachers, and their parents.

Basic Portfolio Example

The simplest way to create a portfolio using Biteslide is to scan and gather student’s work into useable “bites”. The students can then use their bites to create a slidebook portfolio.

Below is an example of an art portfolio that showcases a student’s different art projects as they learned about folk art.

Progress Portfolio Example

Don’t let the title fool you, this type of slidebook is just as easy to create as the basic portfolio. Biteslide can be used to mark a student’s progress on a specific project over time. The beauty of this method is that students can go back and explain their problem-solving process. They can document both their successes and their failures and explain to others how their arrived at their final product or conclusion.

Below is a portfolio example of a Biteslide presentation that documents a team of students as they work on an egg drop project for science class.

“My Favorites” Portfolio Example

Biteslide projects can be used for reflection. Much like the folders that students prepare for their parents during parent-teacher conferences, Biteslide can offer children a chance to look back on a unit or period of the school year and collage projects, interesting facts, and relevant material into a unique presentation portfolio.

It is easy for students to send the final project to their teacher which is, in turn, easy to store and share with parents and other interested parties.

The following is an example of an Ancient Egypt “favorites” portfolio.

Student-led Conference Portfolio Example

Parent-teacher conferences are time-consuming and stressful. If your school allows or requires children to be present, students can feel shy and put on the spot. Biteslide can really help students prepare for the upcoming conference.

Have your students answer questions such as:

  • What have been my favorite units so far?
  • What subject is easy for me?
  • What subject is hard for me?
  • What projects am I really proud of?
  • If I could change one thing about the classroom, what it would be?
  • If I could ask my parents/teacher one thing, what would it be?

When they have completed their answers, let them spend time putting together a portfolio slidebook and then have them present it at the conference. It will give them a way to interact and to be involved in the conversation. And the bonus – it’s all done online so there is no need to shuffle papers across the desk.

Biteslide offers teachers and students the unique opportunity to showcase student portfolios digitally. The program is easy to use and the projects are easy to share. With minimal (and fun!) work, students can create beautiful portfolios that are both informational and attractive.

I hope these student portfolio examples have inspired you. If so, register now so your students can create an amazing student portfolio of their own.

We are delighted to announce that we have won a 2013-4 eSchool News Reader’s Choice Award!

eSchool News is the leading technology news resource for the K-20 education market.  They asked their readers to give their top picks for school hardware, software, websites, and services. The readers told eSchool News how they’re using products to improve teaching, learning, and school administration — and to what effect.

We are especially honoured to win this award as it is voted for by educators who are using Biteslide in their classrooms.

We would like to thank all of you who voted for us and look forward to supporting you in the 2013/4 academic year.

As you’ve been using Biteslide, you may have noticed (it’s hard to miss) a shiny blue post-it note that has appeared on your dashboard.

Lots of you have been sharing Biteslide with your colleagues so this is our way of rewarding you kind souls for spreading the word.

Now when you invite a teacher who joins Biteslide, you’ll both receive 5 extra student logins for free – no strings.

Now you can create engaging school projects with even more of your students.

Happy days.

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Biteslide has won Best Presentation Solution (K-12) in the EdTech Digest Awards 2013.

The prestigious judging panel and quality of the other nominees and winners makes the award all the sweeter.  Thank you to everybody for your support.

Read more about the awards and see the other winners on The EdTech Digest.

We’re proud to announce that Biteslide has been shortlisted as a finalist in the EdTech Digest Awards.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

“…the third annual EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program honoring tools, trendsetters and leaders in the education and technology sector. The distinguished awards program recognizes outstanding solutions — and the best and brightest minds — in education and technology.”


“We’re excited to honor these finalists who have all earned it, they deserve special recognition for their efforts and are highly commended for their work in education”

We’re really happy to be a part of the awards and are hoping for a win!  You can read more about the EdTech Digest Awards here.

Our mission is to reimagine the school project

Teachers all over the world are struggling to create engaging projects that empower student creativity. Technology should be a teacher’s best friend but uninspiring and difficult-to-use tools are only making the problem worse.

Biteslide is the engaging platform for presenting school projects.

Biteslide slidebooks seamlessly blend text, images, and video to create amazing school projects. Slidebooks are fun, flexible, and incredibly easy to use.

Biteslide will help you to develop your students’ 21st century skills:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Biteslide saves you time with powerful features for managing students, classes, and projects. It’s a “walled garden” – that means safe and secure for your students.

You are in complete control.

Slidebooks are an easy way to empower student creativity. They’re extremely flexible and can be used for just about anything you can imagine. Here’s just a few ideas of how they’re already being used:

  • Project presentations
  • Student portfolios
  • Digital storytelling
  • Scrapbooks
  • Posters
  • And much, much more…

Isn’t it time you reimagined your school projects? Try Biteslide now