Slidebook help


Use your favourite Flickr images on your Slidebook.


  1. Open an existing Slidebook or create a new one
  2. On the left side of the screen is an area called the ‘Dock’ where all of your Bites are stored
  3. Click the ‘Flickr’ tab at the top of the dock and click the ‘Log in to Flickr’ button
  4. Enter your Flickr username and password in the window that appears
  5. Click the ‘OK, I’ll authorize it button’ on the next screen and when the confirmation message is shown you can close the window
  6. On your Slidebook you’ll now see your Flickr photos sets. You can now open a set and drag images from it on to you Slidebook page.

Please note: You have to turn on Flickr images in a project’s settings.