Teacher overview

60 second overview

Biteslide is the engaging platform for presenting school projects. It helps you engage your students, develop their creativity, and save time.

Biteslide helps students to research, create, and present school projects. Students create slidebooks which are an engaging and creative way to blend images, videos, text and much more.

Using Biteslide is really easy – we promise. You…

When students create slidebooks they…

Examples always help to understand, so let’s look at one:

Mrs Jones is looking for an interesting way for her 8th grade students to do a biography project about Abraham Lincoln.

And hey presto, that’s everything set up…in a matter of minutes.

Mrs Jones’ students now all login to their accounts and can see the Lincoln project. They have a whale of a time creating slidebooks in the project, which Mrs Jones’ then reviews and gives feedback.

Happy students, happy teacher.